Important A|SM Documents

You will be able to access important documents as needed here on a regular basis!

  • a|sm is In Person

    Now that we are meeting in person please make note of these changes:

    1. We are meeting from 6-8pm

    *please see schedule

    2. Emails: Be sure to fill out the new student information form to receive emails

    3. Group Messaging (REMIND): Be sure to use the following link to sign up for the correct group: STUDENT , AFTERSHOCK ADULT/PARENT , ADULT LEADER

    4. Mailings: Letters and postcards are being mailed out regularly.

    5. Medical Forms can be filled out and turned in to be kept on file for 1 year. 


  • Youth Group Calendar

  • Winter Retreat - Coming Jan. 2024

    Just like a good cup of coffee these winter weekends will give you the boost you need in your walk with God! Space is limited, so register ASAP! Don’t miss this chance to recharge your batteries at the Amplify Winter Retreat – Recharge! 


  • 2024 Amplify Summer Camp


    LAST YEAR: You have so many voices and influences thrown at you- the world can be such a negative, overwhelming place.  At camp, you will encounter positive voices from friends, counselors and leaders, and by God himself. By removing the distractions and chaos for a time, it helps to really focus in and hear the voice of God. Camp is a place that Jesus is found – for the first time, or when you know you have lost your way and need a renewed passion for living for Him- and where we first receive a call on our lives to follow His plan. Wherever you are, God’s voice is calling you  – you were made to amplify Him to all the earth – and learning to AMPLIFY the voice of God in your own life, above all others, will be life-changing! You were MADE TO AMPLIFY!

  • Yard SALE FUndraiser for 2024!


    Drop Off Times:

    Drop off items anytime if coordinated with JORDAN at

    Drop Off to Bible Study Room:

    Sunday, March 19th: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Sunday, March 26th: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Sunday, April 2nd: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Sunday, April 9th: 10:30am

    Drop off to Fellowship Hall:

    Wed, April 12th: 6-8pm

    Thur, April 13th: 6-8pm

    Fri, April 14th: 6-8pm

    YARD SALE is Saturday, April 15th from 7am to NOON

  • Chesapeake Chrysalis

    Have you been asked to attend a Chrysalis weekend? Info can be found here:

    More information:

    Application: CLICK HERE FOR FORM (do not fill out page 2)